Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

Spending time with the fam for thanksgiving was great! Spending black friday in huntsville...not so much. The coolest store we have here is H&M, no urban outfitters, nothing!! So unlike most ppl I woke up around 12pm and headed to my local home depot lol. I picked out this wicked shade of red paint, its not really red more like maroon, it's called ruby ring. I'm in total love with it, I plan on going extreme makeover on my room during the christmas break!! lol.
If u didn't know IT'S CYBER MONDAY!!!
Which has been total torture! is taking 50% off of all sale items (pause), yes you read right 50% off of ALL SALE ITEMS. I honestly spent all day trying to buy the Jeffrey Campbell Tardy wine velvet and the In Trouble in leopard brown, but solestruck kept shutting down, they had an overload of costumers:( everytime i thought i had the shoes in my bag, someone checked out before me!!! I felt like an anger clown would blow me a pretty doggy balloon, then pop it as soon as i would reach for it:(
I couldn't take the torture any longer so i went searching for other sites that had good deals. I almost gave up until i went to, they were taking 30% sale items, not as good as 50% but better then nothing, right? They didn't have the wine velvet tardy's but they did have them in red which were equally as nice, so after about an hour of looking at pics of them on tumblr, i was like "what the heck, these shoes retail for $200 and i'm paying less than $100, nah i gotta get them" so i'm feeling pretty good, pretty great right now:)


Now to my second find, I've been wanting a pair of creepers for months now. They have so many different styles I kinda got overwhelmed and couldn't choose, so I just went with the all black leather lolol. i hope they come in soon!