Friday, November 25, 2011

Lastest Obessesion

So I can't remember how this little fetish of mine started...but it's taking over my life!!!  I'm up all day and night bidding or searching for deals, I'm out of control!

Hey everyone, my name is Kalila and I'm addicted to SHOES:) 

Two months ago I would've frowned at girls who spent over $ 40 on shoes (I'm not cheap, I'm frugal), but now I understand how important shoes are in the completion of an outfit. How could I have been so naive?! lol okay I'll stop being so dramatic...honestly, shoes make me happy, and if it makes you happy it isn't that bad, right?

So my latest find are the Steve Madden "Collosuls"

I'm completely in love with 'em
They look so cute with socks
and plants too;)

I haven't taken any pics with them yet (I know, how could I not want to show these killer shoes off to world? shame on me lol) but lookout for an outfit of the day very soon.
Purple Lipstick