Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grace Kelly Exhibit

Hey peeps!

So yesterday, we went to an AWESOME Grace Kelly Exhibit that took place downtown, in our city, Toronto (represent! Lol). It was so much fun! It was fascinating to see how Grace's style evolved through two major events of her life: Hollywood  star to princess of Monaco. Even though her style progressed as time went on, the simplicity of her style never changed. Her open-mindedness and her love for the arts was often portrayed through her style. She was a huge fashion icon and popularized many styles that we still crave for today such as the “Kelly” bag. 

Another style that has transcended through time is Kelly's glasses. Kelly was short sighted and so she incorporated sunglasses into her look which helped popularize them in the 60’s and 70’s. VERY INNOVATIVE!

Grace loved simple, turban style hats which is a peaking trend at this moment. Having your own trademark when it comes to individual style is essential and Grace's was her white gloves! She adored white gloves and wore them a lot.

Although a very fashion forward woman, she rarely went to fashion shows but chose her attire from sketches by designers.
Fashion icons together!
Grace Kelly had a photoshoot for a french magazine.Due to a hotel power outage, the dress she originally planned to wear could not be ironed so instead she wore a simple unwrinkled dress made from a McCall's sewing pattern. Now that's a true "fashionista"! 
Now, Miss Kelly loved her weave! Oh, yes she did! Her hairstylist was Alexandre of Paris and whenever she went to events she had long hair extensions and many times incorporated braids into her hairstyles.

The highlight of the exhibit for us was her wedding dress. It was simply lovely! According to the exhibit, “Helen Rose designed the gown. According to MGM, creating Kelly’s wedding ensemble had taken six weeks and involved the skills of 35 studio craftspeople, working under strict conditions to preservethe secrecy of their design.”

-Jode-Leigh and Rachael
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