Friday, December 2, 2011

Style and Music

So I'm here to admit that I am a Gaga fan. There...I said it and I am not ashamed lol. I love Lady Gaga for her outrageous choices in clothing, her sick beats and her lyrics...whoa...who else can write like her? Yea...didn't think so. Oh and let's not forget her performances! People still talk about them years after the fact. For me, Lady Gaga does all the crazy things I would have wanted to do with my life lol. From day one she has caught the attention of people everywhere with her catchy music and unique fashion choices. Whether it's tea with the Queen or "simply" walking through the airport sans pants, Lady Gaga is all about shock value. Now don't get me wrong, these days she still is in the business to confuse and bewilder with her choice in attire, but lately I have seemed to notice a more fashionable and wearable Gaga. It seems like she is adopting a classier look and I am very pleased she looks AMAZING!!!