Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Hey Hey Hey!
It's 2012! YAY! It's a new year full of exciting challenges and new experiences. It's also a time where people reflect upon themselves and figure out how they can be better people. For me, resolutions are often not my forte. I believe we should live day to day, making necessary changes that will  better us as people. I kept a diary in most of my childhood years and stopped once I got into University. I regret not documenting many challenges that came my way, especially in my Freshman year. So, I will be starting a diary again! Let's see how that goes.
The new year also brings in new fashion trends! Yes, new fashion items to look forward to. Don`t think because there will be new trends in 2012 that the trends of 2011 go out the window. NO! Always progress with time and trends but hold on to ones you love dearly from before and just incorporate that into your new 2012 look!
Here are 4 trends of many that I absolutely loved from 2011 that I will be taking with me in 2012:

Lace was a huge hit in 2011. I love lace. I think it`s so classy and it can make an outfit look edgy but still very elegant! I will be holding onto my lace... FOR SURE! 

Flared pants is such a versatile tool when it comes to dressing up. I am ecstatic this 70s trend is back! It gives you that sense of power. I think every woman should own a flared pant. Whether you swag it with a blazer, a button up or just a simple sweater, this is a must keep 
for 2012!                    
 SHEER SKIRTS can easily result in a questionable message But if worn properly, it can be a way to show off a little skin and still look pleasant.
Heels can be a pain in the but! Finally, a shoe trend where it makes your feet 10 times easier to walk in! LOVE THAT! Wedges and chunky heels give you a 80s punk feel and it takes your height to another level. I`m all about comfort so for me this trend is definitely here to stay!

Purple Lipstick