Saturday, February 11, 2012

Black and Beautiful

Love the skin you are in." Just six words, but so hard to implement.
I don't find it surprising that most women this year have "getting a better body" as their number one goal for 2012! I totally believe in living a healthy lifestyle but I refuse to correlate a certain weight or a certain body type as being the ultimate definition of beauty. That's just too one dimensional for me! We are all different sizes and different body types! We need to celebrate that and love every aspect of it. When we put ourselves down, we are simply saying we hate most of the skin that we are in. Removing that distortion from our minds will allow us to see the gorgeousness that we posses! I totally get that most of us see things that could change but we have to sometimes look past those flaws and seriously love who we are.
It is Black History Month. Loving the skin you are in also means loving the ones that have paved the way   for you to truly express who you are!
Loving the skin we are in will take our confidence and the way we view ourselves to a higher level. How we view ourselves will later transcend in us being comfortable in expressing ourselves through clothes in the best possible way!
Here is a video that shows you our process of loving ourselves and the skin we are in!

Thanks Kalila for editing and shooting the video!
- Jode-Leigh Nembhard
- Purple Lipstick