Thursday, June 28, 2012

Highlights from the birthday!!

Hey ya'll
Sooooo I am FINALLY 21!!!!! Woot Woot!!!! 
I have been claiming 21 since January 1st lol. I know, I shouldn't rush it but I had to ease my way into being 21! I had to get my mind ready lol. No, it's not that serious. I just claim my birthday every year  like six months early. Kalila has been calling me a lil kid, seeing that she turned 21 before me. But, now she can't lol. I was sad because Kalila wasn't here but she made up for it in a sweet text :). Rachael was there to celebrate with me, as well as a lot of special people in my life. I was really appreciative of that. So, I got a rush of amazing texts at 12 am on Wednesday and welcomed my birthday with a dance to birthday cake by Rihanna, cupcakes and balloons lol. I'm a mess!!!! 

Then a dinner followed that night and it was AMAZING! Here are some highlights from the dinner. ENJOY!
Check out my next post for more pictures of my birthday dinner!
Everyone singing happy bday to me!

I LOVE his voice!

Loved my waiter's blonde hair!


Purple Lipstick