Monday, July 16, 2012

Flawless Summer Skin: BB Cream

After a recent trip to my dermatologist's office it was highly recommended that I start using sunblock; apparently black can indeed "crack" lol but I digress...Anywho as we know summer is a time to enjoy the sun and great whether but our skin's health should always be our top priority. An area we need to especially be careful of protecting is our face. Our faces tell stories; they show how we feel and can be indicators of our status of health. Not to mention it is the first thing people see on a daily basis so why not give it special treatment!
I want to wear my makeup during the summer but because of the heat what may be normal everyday wear and converge might become a sweaty, caked-on mess! I've always wanted a product that would be perfect for summer weather annnnnnd ta da! Here it is! The Dream Finish BB Cream by Maybelline is the answer.

This cream is an 8-in-1 Beauty Balm that enhances the look of skin by: 
-SPF 30 that prevents sunburn 
-Blurs the look of imperfections 
-Creates a natural looking glow 
-Visibly smooths the look of the skin 
 -Compliments skin-tone 
-Hydrates all day 
-Has a fresh feel 
-Is oil free 

 With all these benefits what's not to love! This cream provides just enough coverage for a natural look with out weighing down the skin during the summer. I suggest you all check it at a drugstore near you!

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