Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Linen & Purple Rip The Runway Thrift Fashion Show

Fashion Shows are so much fun.
Rachael and I had the privilege of supporting Linen & Purple's first fashion show two weeks ago and we had a blast!
Linen & Purple is a lifestyle and fashion blog. The team consists of four beautiful people who are just excited to relay a positive message through blogging. DOPENESS! I can tell through their blog and interacting with them that they love what they do.
The show had great performances, the models were on point and I loved their items. I was surprised that  everything was from the thrift store because it all looked really good!
The audience actually had a chance to bid on some of the items via twitter. I was sooo sad that I couldn't bid because I don't have a twitter account :(. I lost out on two items that I wanted so dearly. I actually tried to get the items after but I was outbid. But, nevertheless I had a great time and cannot wait for next year!
Here are some highlights from the show!
highlights of the show video
Excited for the show to start!

The lights were too bright for Rachey :)
They sounded legit!
Wanted that jacket!

Trying to get a item!


Really trying to get the jacket!

That jacket tho!

One of my favs!

Purple Lipstick

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