Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OOTD: Graduation Weekend!

I am officially an alumnus of Oakwood University. Yay! I've graduated! I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Pre-Law, a concentration in Political Science and a minor in Business Management.
I no longer will be living with my two Purple Lipstick besties, Rachael and Kalila. But, don't worry, Purple Lipstick will still be functioning! We ain't going nowhere! But, you will gain a deeper understanding of us individually as we embark on different paths. I will surely miss my girls and will see them from time to time. So, look out for collaborative posts of the Purple Lipstick gang when we reunite again!
Graduation went by so fast. It was one of the most important and greatest day of my life. Four years of toil and labor has finally ended. Well, although I wore a robe for the entire graduation weekend, I still "glammed" up underneath. After all, it is my graduation!

    Purple Lipstick