Sunday, April 15, 2012


Spring has finally sprung(yea I know I’m a little late with that)! Anywho, it’s out with the old and in with the new. With exciting trends this spring like color blocking, boldprints, and neons what’s there not to love. Now, I dislike clutter so whenspring time rolls around it’s time for me to rotate the wardrobe! It’s a habit my mom had instilled in me as a child and I still do it to this day. Even thoughit’s a time to switch out sweaters for short sleeves and boots for sandals, its ok to not get totally OD and say bye-bye to winter favs.

The Long Sleeve Button-down
Oh how I absolutelylove these! They are super versatile and the perfect go-to when you are in a rush (student life smh). Yea I know when it’s hot outside you don’t exactlywant to be covered up completely. But remember I did say V-E-R-S-A-T-I-L-E. Rollup the sleeves, wear it open with a top underneath and if it becomes a little too hot for ya, say “hello 90s.” Try tying it around your waist.

Thigh High Socks
I am a sock freak! Yea I know that sounds weird but I just mean that I enjoy wearing socks a lot! Call it a habit but socks any type, anytime. Such a shame that they seem to always suddenly go missing… Well, all I’m going to say about socks is that they are agreat accessory and not only for keeping you warm. I say get as much wear out of them before summer hits!

Scarves & Wraps
So, I do know thatspring weather can be bi-polar and I feel cold pretty easily, but when I’m not using my scarf around my neck I’m using it on my head. Yes, I do mean as a turban. It’s a nice way to accessorize and cover your hair when it’s not done(like I said, student life lol). 

Big thanks to Jode-Leigh who modeled some of the Purple Lipstick Collection!

Rachael Joseph
Purple Lipstick