Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I'm Listening to

Hey people! I'm back! So as of late I have had Foster The People on REPEAT! Yea I'm kinda late but I actually made the effort to sit down a listen to their whole album Torches and I am in love! In case you're wondering they're the guys that sing that catchy tune Pumped Up Kicks. This is their first album and I have to say I appreciate their variation and consistency; they kinda have a dance-rock-indie pop vibe going on that I seriously dig lol. Did I mention I freaking love this album?! But, if I had to pick, my fav tracks from them would have to be Helena Beat, Pumped Up Kicks, Don't Stop and Houdini. I suggest that you check out the rest of their music and videos; these guys have a great sense of humor and are an awesome band.
P.S. and if you are in the Toronto area they will be here June 19th with Kimbra and Tokyo Police Club! Oh, and if you watch the video down below Don't Stop, you'll see it features a very, very interesting person in it lol enjoy :)

-Purple Lipstick