Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Bob Marley + OOTD

I am one of the hugest fans of Bob Marley. I wish he was still alive. So, seeing it would have been his birthday today, I have been listening to his music all day. The sunshine and my Bob Marley's playlist g has lifted my spirits. Well, Kalila and I didn't have a lot of classes today so we took some pictures for a OOTD post!
Check it out!
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Hello Sunshine! So the weather is LOVELY today! It's honestly giving me life lol. I get out of classes at 12 on Wednesdays, so I've kind of made it my personal day to do my nails or catch up on hw or TV shows. Since I have some time on my hands, I took a break from watching Sex and the City (did I mention how much I love E! for playing reruns everyday from 12-2 ?!?!) to take a few OOTD pics with Jode. 

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