Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glam Mom 101

Throughout the month, we will be asking different people to be a guest on our blog and post on various topics. To start off is Lajuana! FYI, she is Kalila’s sister. Look at the pictures below. You will see the resemblance :). Anywho, Lajuana will be giving all the mommies out there tips on how to be a glam mom! Check it out!
guest blog post
Hello Purple Lipstick Readers!!!
I’ve always been really into fashion but most days, as a new mom, looking my best just isn’t even close to being number one on my to do list. That was until someone said, “Wow, you look like a mom!” Now normally I wouldn’t take offense to such a statement, but the person's tone suggested that it was NOT meant as a compliment. I took a quick look in the mirror and realized that I looked the way I felt… worn out! I needed help. I didn’t want to look too conservative (since I am only 26) but I wasn’t sure how to transition my wardrobe. Time was also a concern, so, I immediately googled “fashionable moms". There are 3 things I’ve learned that have seriously helped and compliment my new lifestyle (i.e. working single mom that never sleeps).
1. A little makeup goes a long way! My sisters have been telling me this for years and I’ve finally realized they’re right. Since I don’t have a lot of “me” time, I developed a quick morning facial routine, utilizing a neutral makeup palette. If I need a pop of color, my lips do the talking :D.
2. Braids, messy buns/ponytails, and yes… wigs… have continually come to my rescue. I have found that staying simple and functional are not only my best options but they’re also timelessly chic.
3. Planning an outfit in advance does wonders... who knew?! A great pair of jeans and an awesome T-shirt is what I’m the most comfortable in these days but I find that no matter what I wear, it HAS to be comfortable!
My Top 7 “Fab Mom” Websites/Blogs/Social Media:
o (and love her blog too
Okay, I cheated that was kind of 8... I just had to add Lanton’s blog!
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