Monday, July 1, 2013

Meagan Good: Too hot???

I personally have a low tolerance for any type of awards shows. To me they are just too long, drawn out and  i'll only usually watch if there's someone I really want to see. So being that last night the BET Awards were on I skipped it, but mostly because my mom was controlling the remote.

Throughout the day Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updated me on what I missed...the fashions, the petty dramas, the winners, the performances and etc. One topic that stood out to me the most was on Meagan Good's wardrobe choice for the awards. It seemed the Christian community was a buzz with varying opinions on her style choice for the night.

Source: WENN

Now when I first saw the dress, it honestly didn't come as a shock. From my recollection, Ms. Good usually wears dresses of similar styles. However, as I fully took in the dress and peoples comments, my outlook began to change. Growing up an Adventist, I am no stranger to the "Image of Modesty" the church promotes and have also fallen "victim" (and I use the word "victim" with heavy sarcasm) to the criticism or comments from the elder church folk about things as simple as wearing a sleeveless dress. To me, modesty is more than about "just covering up." It encompasses being comfortable and secure as a christian in what we wear, but of course within reason. One of the no-so-easy concepts I am still learning to swallow as a Christian is the fact that I  am not here to serve and please myself but rather I'm here for God's glory and to be an example.

So, to my fellow fashionistas in the church or where ever you are, what are your thoughts on the topic of modesty in today's society?