Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Detailing 101

guest b logger We are at that time again. I have been asking Aaron Manswell to do a post for Purple Lipstick for a very long time now. After constantly annoying him about it, he finally has done it. I personally adore his style and one thing I admire about his style is that he is very detailed about every item he puts on or puts together. I’m not being biased because he is my “man” friend Smile but I truly think He is on to something with his style! So, check out his post below and don’t forget to enter the giveaway by clicking on this link >>>> Purple Lipstick Giveaway.

In life, I am a firm believer that details are everything, so it's not a long haul that I have the very same sentiments towards clothes; men’s formalwear, that is. As I've grown, I've realized that when it comes to, as they say, "dressing up," many males forget to polish they're attire with important detailing. What do I mean when I say, "detailing?"

1) Wristwatch There is a specific reason why this is #1. Every well-dressed man never leaves his home without accompanying his wrist with a watch. Dear I say it; to be wearing a well-tailored suit without a wristwatch is to be committing the unpardonable sin.

2) Tie Clip This is probably the most forgotten item on this list. After getting dressed for church, I cannot count the amount of times that I've bent over to pick something up and my tie falls out from within my suit blazer. This is where the tie clip is necessary. It is meant to hold the tie in place, during any and every sudden movement by the male, while helping the tie in achieving visual royalty. There are specific clips for both slim and regular width ties, so please make sure the tie clip isn’t noticeably longer than the width of the tie.

3) Pocket Square
Depending on how you've dressed your suit, this is not always necessary, but at the same time it is always welcomed. I've seen a countless number of suit/tie/pocket square combinations. Just make it work! clip_image005 

4) Cologne I've made the mistake of spending way too much time dressing my other details that by the time I'm ready to leave my house, I know I've forgotten one thing. I'll begin to drive off only to realize that I don't smell any particular way. Problem. Every man, especially when dressed in a suit, must wear a very distinctive smell. I believe the cologne should not be sprayed on the skin, but on the clothes. This trick will keep your clothes smelling great for the next wear. My personal secret is to disperse a maximum of 4 sprays per occasion: 1) left shoulder 2) right shoulder 3) far left chest 4) far right chest. Any more than 4 and you will be assassinating people!

5) Wrist Bracelet (Wrist Candy) A wrist bracelet definitely reads "feminine" at first glance, but bear with me. There are various reasons why these have become popular not only in men’s formalwear but also in men’s casual wear. These can be worn on the opposite or same wrist as your wristwatch. However, the color and texture of the wristwatch must agree with the occasion of the outfit. Personally, I wear wrist bracelets all the time due to the fact that I have very long arms. The arm length on regular fitting shirts are never long enough to cover my wrists, therefore I use the wrist bracelets to cover what the shirtsleeves cannot. clip_image008 

6) Sunglasses/Eyeglasses Not always necessary, but never excessive. For those of us who weren't blessed with 20/20 vision, this is a great chance to turn what the Lord has given us into a fashion commodity. Even those who aren't visional-challenged have already hopped on this trend. When selecting eyewear, both for shade and reading, be sure to choose a pair that fits the shape and structure of your face. 

7) Socks The sock ministry is one that is very diverse. Therefore, the only thing I say on this is to make sure that we, the audience, have an unspoken, yet visual reason as to why those socks were used in your particular ensemble for the occasion.

8) Gum There is a very good reason why I saved this detail for last. I believe this is the most important detail of any men’s formalwear outfit because without gum, the audience has the potential to be completely turned off from your ensemble! The smell of a man’s breath can make or break him in any setting. He could be the most well put-together gentleman in the building; however, if his breath is not properly groomed he will quickly slip down to the least. Ironically, the most important item also happens to be the cheapest!


In men’s fashion, doing the most is never key. However, with detailing, there is an exception.
Aaron Manswell, 
Purple Lipstick  
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