Thursday, July 12, 2012

New love + Paperfashion

Every Summer I try and teach my myself something new.
Last summer it was learning to speak Korean and properly eating with chopsticks.
I got the chopsticks down,  no problem! 
*Quick tip if your having trouble: Instead
of digging into a bag of popcorn
 with your fingers, try eating it with 
Learning to speak korean on the other hand isn't as easy,  but by 
watching kdrama's such as "Boys over flowers" and "Personal Taste"
and listening to BigBang and 2ne1 learning korean isn't that bad!
So around 2 weeks I decided that this summer
I'll teach myself how to draw.
I've never been too good at drawing, 
I pretty much suck
my art teacher in high school pretty much said so herself! 
Since it would be such a challenge, 
I figured it would be the perfect project for me.
I've been drawing a lot of fashion illustration, I'm having so much fun!
I've found two fashion illustrators that I'm completely in love with
Hayden is a 20 yr old British Fashion Designer/Illustrator who is "Conquering the world one fashion sketch at a time". His sketches are so innovative and modern, I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for his line in the future!
Katie Rodgers "dreamt up Paperfashion in March 2009, and has since been illustrating whimsical fashion that never fails to captivate our attention".  I'm in love with every creation she comes up with. I now added water-coloring to my summer activity list because of her! If you're looking for cute iphone cases make sure you check out her shop, I'm definitely plan to make a few purchases this summer!
Here are a few drawings I've made so far.
I feel like I've found a new love in drawing, I'll have more sketches to show you soon!

First sketch


Summer Line

I thought designing bathing suit would be easy, I was wrong... lol
I love her sunnies

Men aren't easy either lol

This is the same girl from the drawing above. I scanned the drawing and used photoshop to color and create a pattern on her dress.

xo ~