Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prabal Gurung for TARGET

Last week Jode-Leigh and I checked out the Prabal Gurung collection for Target. Lately, they have been featuring more designers as in-store collections to help make high fashion available to the everyday consumer. Prabal Gurung is a Nepalese American fashion designer that launched his collection in 2009 at New York Fashion Week. With designs being worn by First Lady Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge he is definitely a designer that should not be ignored. 


The pieces were awesome, but as with any "lower end" collection done by a high fashion designer quality can become an issue. Problems with finding the right fit and preserving the quality of the garment can come up. Take for example, the shoes. They were super cute, but the ankle strap didn't tighten quite well enough. Another example would be the quality of the print or pattern. Prabal Gurung is noted for his beautiful patterns and intricate designs on his garments. This can be seen in his line for Target, but the fabric of course wasn't necessarily the greatest. Still, the garments were beautiful and they're perfect for the Spring!

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