Sunday, February 24, 2013

True Life: My obsession with cutting (hair...that is)

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I change my hair A LOT! I get bored very easily when it comes to my hair. Just like clothes, hair can let others know what kind of mood I'm in.

When I was younger, I kept my hair at shoulder length. Back then, I didn't care much for short hair. I
 would always get split ends when my hair grew past my shoulders, so keeping it at that length was fine by me. I guess I didn't get "scissor happy" until the summer leading into my freshmen year of college. I remember watching Rihanna's music video for "Rehab" and thinking that short hair is absolutely stunning! I HAD to have it! This was the point of no return for me having hair lol

I loved the short cut  for 3-4 months but I got I decided to grow my hair out of the cut and perm. Which was probably one of the best decision I've made for my hair. In about 8 months my hair was almost at shoulder length again.

 I was happy, I could finally add extensions if I wanted too! lol but once again I got bored. I went through a really painful situation and felt like I needed a change, a new look that would make me feel better! Oh how young and foolish I was! :) So once again Rihanna was my inspiration for my next hairstyle: The Bowl Cut.

This was the first time coloring my hair and I had no idea how to take care of it. So I only wore my hair straight for 3 days, I was scared my hair would break off it I kept on pressing it, so I wore it curly until my next hair style.

From the bowl cut, I became obsessed with shaving my sides. I liked that I could dress it up to make it cute but it still had an edge to it.

I kept the braids in for 2 weeks. But yes, I got bored once again! I wore my hair curly until it was long enough to add extensions.

For some reason I wanted to color my hair again. This is probably one hair choice I regret. Like I don't even like to talk or think about. I think I've mentally blocked it out and I only remember it when I see pictures lol.

That color was horrible! So to erased those rough times, I put in Loc Extensions, which I LOVED! They were just so heavy! lol

So as I mentioned earlier, I'm obsessed with shaving my sides. I told myself that I wouldn't cut my hair, but who was I kidding?! lol

 I wore my hair like this for about 6 months. YAY for me keeping a hairstyle for longer than 3 weeks!

Even though I loved this style, I wanted to grow my hair out AGAIN lol. But growing my sides out with kind of frustrating, so my sister suggested that I shave my hair off. I was like "I never done that before, why not?" so that evening I let my sister shave my head. This was January 2012

Throughout the summer I continued to grow my hair out. I wore it slicked down for the most part or in a curly afro. Once again I wanted to shave my I HAVE A PROBLEM, I KNOW! so in October of 2012, my sister shaved the sides and back. I didn't plan on changing my hair until I went to get a trim last month and left the salon with a pixie cut.  I love it!  but my sides and back are in that awkward stage of trying to grow back from the undercut/sidecut I got back in October. I've recently added extensions as a cover up.  I love short hair, it's so easy to manage and I think there's something so sexy and free about it.


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