Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pop-up Shop: C. Originals - Live Laugh Love

The other day Jode-Leigh and I had the opportunity to attend our first "pop-up shop" event. A pop-up shop is essentially a collective of artists, designers, and one-of-a-kind brands promoting, networking, and selling their unique items.

While there, we were able to catch up with Candace Allen and check out her accessories line, "C. Originals." Two words I would use to describe her creations would be "glamorous and sophisticated." I appreciate good quality in designs and that is exactly what her collection had. C. Originals was created with style, functionality. and careful craftsmanship in mind.


My personal faves were the brooches. They're bold and colorful. I definitely found myself staring at them, mesmerized  trying to pick my favorites for at least 15 minutes! I finally settled on...all of them!

I love, love, loveeeeeee the idea of shoe clips! They can go on any shoe, anywhere you want it and they are an awesome way to bring a new oh-so-unique touch to a pair you shoes you thought you'd retire.

Don't worry Gentlemen, she's got you too! C. Originals has a wide selection of pocket squares, bow ties, skinny ties, and lapel pins to keep you looking sharp. 

When I say she does accessories, I really mean she DOES accessories! To complete the collection, C. Originals has designed a line beautiful of purses and clutch bags. How cool is that?!

C. Originals by Candace Allen is an accessory line definitely worth paying attention to. Head on over to her Facebook page at where you can see all her designs and find info on placing an order because lets be honest, you know you want to!
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Rachael Joseph
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